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You can reach all our videos here in two seprate section.
In our program section you can see all AMG TELEVISION programs and in other production you could watch our commercials, documentaries, industrial and presentation films


In this section you will have access to the archive of all our programs and you can follow our new programs from here. These programs include entertainment, talk shows, news, educational and cultural ones. 
  1. گوناگون
  2. Hot News اخبار داغ
  3. boodboodak بودبودک
  4. گزارش های 2018 Reportage
  5. Documentary مستند
  6. گزارش های 2017
  7. Your Consultant Real Estate (Sponsored By Maxx & Afi) خرید و فروش خانه
  8. Informative Production ویدیو های اطلاع رسانی (دانستنیها در کانادا)
  9. English Now آموزش زبان انگلیسی
  10. Your consultant Mortgage - مشاور وام مسکن
  11. Hatch برنامه سینمایی دریچه


  1. Grand Opening
  2. Presentation Film
  3. Commercial Ads

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